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For more information on our wallpapering service, get in contact with us.


As skilled decorators, PNC Dream Painting can hang all types of wallpaper including woven, non-woven, paste the wall, wide vinyls, hessians, flock & hand printed, embossed & blown, bamboo and more. We provide a comprehensive service, helping customers choose the right wallpaper and installing it in a way that will ensure it permanently remains in place.

Our wallpapering services are available to commercial and domestic customers throughout Leinster. Contact us for a free quote.

The team at PNC Dream Painting has received extensive training in all aspects of painting and decorating, meaning we are able to provide a professional and efficient wallpapering service. We always consult with our customers to establish the best solution. If you are unsure which type of wallpaper would best suit your property don’t hesitate to contact us, we have years of experience decorating a variety of homes and businesses and would be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable design.

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